Let's Make This Simple...

The benefit of having a virtual administrator is not having the overhead of a part-time or full-time employee - think in terms of not having to provide office space, computer equipment, paying the added costs of CPP and EI (often requiring a bookkeeper or HR person in order to look after payroll and source deductions etc.), paying for benefits, paid vacation time and sick time. Not to mention the hassle of having to actually hire someone - and just hope it works out. Who wants that risk? When considering these things, it just makes sense to contract a virtual administrator to save you time and energy. Never worked with someone virtually? Rest assured, I have a vast amount of experience, over 20 years, and can likely meet whatever needs you have, however, if there is something I do not currently offer, or is not within my scope, I work with a team of professionals - no worry we will get the job done- virtually!

Virtually Yours

Virtually Yours, Wendie

My name is Wendie - has anyone told you today that YOU are amazing? Well, you are! I cannot wait for the opportunity to connect and see how my services can be of benefit to YOU!