What My Clients Have to Say...

I have had the pleasure of Wendie working on my books. She makes each month super easy for me. If you don't know much about bookkeeping talk Wendie at Virtually Yours and she will bring ease to your bookkeeping with an easy step by step process.​
Incredibly fast service. What I thought would take a week for a first draft took one day.
Best VA I have come across! I would highly recommend her services.​
It has been great having Wendie’s assistance in getting my company’s files organized, and having day to day administrative help so I can stay focused on what I need to get done – highly recommended! ​
Kevin Plouffe
Owner, Muirhead, Plouffe & Yip
Wendie has been amazing and it has been an excellent business decision for me to work with her; she is quick and efficient, organized, thorough and always able to offer me a solution to my needs. Wendie is often the first point of contact with my clients which is a critical interaction; her attention to detail and personable interaction have been excellent. Wendie saves me a significant amount of time on tasks and aspects of my business, where I can then better focus my time on business development and direct client work. As an entrepreneur, trusting others to support my business is critical ~ with Wendie, I am at ease in knowing her diligence & expertise.

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